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Chopstick Practice :)
Went to Birmingham’s Chinatown last night and got some vital practice in with the chopsticks… By no means a master yet, but shouldn’t starve in Changsha anymore! Will hopefully be a pro when I come back!
Oh, and try the pig’s ear… I was sceptical and only knew what it was as my friend could read the labels, but it actually tasted pretty yum! Look forward to the other delicacies we can try whilst there! :)

Chinese hotpot… PreChina chopstick training! :D

Off to China we go ✌️✈️🍜#heathrow #china #CovInChina

China exchange… Actually happening now! Ready to fly…
little self portrait..
portrait 1/6 - trying to photoshop paint my house mates from our first year of uni :)
Painted Peacock
Inspiration from a merge of multiple photos/paintings/cartoons
An acrylic painting I did… inspired by an oil canvas I saw in Rome but couldn’t afford and based on an original by artist Andrew Atroshenko